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What is it?

Australia's first natural cold pressed Pomifera Oil from the seeds of the Hedge Apple. Combined with Jojoba oil, POMM Oil is Australian grown, produced and owned.


What can it do for you?!

Rich in omega 6 and antioxidants, this rare, coveted and effective essential oil deeply penetrates the skin leaving it ultra-hydrated, restored and rejuvenated.


The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce blemishes, soothe irritation and minimise fine lines whilst also working to strengthen the skin's barrier, improve elasticity and rebuild collagen.

Together, we stand for:

100% natural, not tested on animals, vegan, no chemicals and no added synthetic fragrances - simply pure POMM!



Use up to twice daily. Massage a few drops into clean skin with (or before) applying other products in your beauty regime.


Ingredients: Pomifera Oil, Jojoba Oil. 20ml


Pomm Oil

I've been using POMM every morning and night and I have to say, I'm so genuinely impressed! I've tried so many promising serums and oils and always seem to be disappointed. 

After using it for just a few days I noticed that my skin started to clear up! Also can't believe how soft it makes my skin.

Joey, Cattai

Pomm Oil

POMM makes my skin feel incredibly soft and I can see less of those fine little lines around my eyes!! It's certainly the nicest moisturiser I've ever used!

Margie, Great Western

Pomm Oil

Had for one day - already obsessed! I have sensitive skin and some perioral dermatitis so I have to be careful with what I use. But this is amazing!

Victoria, Hawthorn

Pomm Oil

I am 73 and like my Grannie have only ever used soap, water and moisturiser on my face and was happy with that. 

Now after 3 weeks of using a few dabs of POMM each morning before adding my moisturiser I am amazed at how soft and smooth my skin now feels.

Suzie, Benalla

Pomm Oil

I've always struggled to find a face oil that didn't feel thick and sticky - POMM leaves my face feeling fresh and dewy. 

It's lightweight, hydrating and smells so naturally sweet! I love it!

Anja, Clifton Hill

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